Monthly Archives: October 2013

little miss e | skagit newborn photographer

This stunning little beauty came to see me at 11 days new and she was an absolute angel.  She was snuggly, cuddly, and all sorts of sleepy…just the way I love my newborns!  Being a mommy to an eleven month old, it seems like just yesterday Lila was brand new.  Spending time with sweet E…

my love | 10.5 months

We’re rapidly speeding towards Lila’s first birthday and I find myself attempting to slow time down and live in the moments.  It will be November 14th before we know it and I want to savor every day.  That’s why taking the time to do little mini sessions like this is so important to me!

ashley | skagit senior photographer

This session with Ashley was SO much fun!  I loved all of the planning she put into her session to really make it her own and her adorable clothing!  The weather was perfect for our evening session and our time flew by.  I could have kept shooting all night if we didn’t eventually lose light!…

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