I take delight in the simple things...growing our own produce, fresh flowers from a roadside stand, giggling kiddos, a bird perched on a barn. I don't take things too seriously, I love to laugh, and most days you'll find me wearing sweats and a messy ponytail.

Life isn't perfect. In fact, it's perfectly imperfect. There will come a day when you wish you had little hands still smudging up your windows, or when you were on the cusp of graduating and the world was yours for the taking. Perhaps you'll forget what kind of flowers you had in your wedding bouquet, but remember how it felt to take that bouquet in your hand as you walk down the aisle.  My passion as a photographer is seeing the moments both big and small and creating lasting heirlooms for you and your family to treasure always. Let me help you tell your story.

i love getting lost in the details, the little things that spark joy.
Things I Love my family
fresh flowers
seeing new places
sparkly beverages
the pacific northwest
a good book
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