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    i'm so glad you're here! click around, explore, and make yourself at home...i hope you'll wander through my images and spend some time getting to know my style.

    “you don’t take a photograph, you make it.” - ansel adams

    this is what i do. i am a curator of moments, a maker of images, a perfectionist relishing in the imperfect. photography allows me to capture the world as i see it. one of the greatest gifts i’ve received from my journey in photography is the relationships i develop with my clients. getting to know you allows me to tell your story.

one of my favorite things | skagit family photographer

i was re-arranging furniture in our home yesterday and was surveying some of our possessions. my thoughts wandered to the memories each little and big item holds…some are insignificant and others are extremely significant. from my very first glassybaby as a housewarming gift to our dining room table handcrafted by a dear friend, memories surround us. as […]

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What a treasure this little girl is! Darling pictures of everyday life!

welcome alivia | bellingham birth photographer

births are amazing. no two are alike and each experience is completely and utterly unique. i always feel so honored to be present for this life changing moment and am incredibly thankful for the ability to capture these special moments. it truly is one of the most important occasions in life and being able to […]

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Jess Burwash

Such an incredible experience. I wouldn’t have remembered most of it, had you not documented it for us. Thank you so much for the memories we will surely cherish for ever! xo


what a beautiful way to capture an amazing experience!

alivia grace | bellingham newborn photographer

sweet alivia grace. there is something so special about newborn sessions. the soft baby skin…the tiny fingers and toes…the delicate little lashes. i love it all. and this session was particularly special to me because not only did i have the privilege of photographing alivia at just 8 days new, i also witnessed and photographed her […]

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Beautiful photos!! Does she ever look tiny in her Dad’s hands. :-)


Gorgeous! That sweet smile is a heart melter!

ellison | bellingham newborn photographer

perfect baby ellison…her session was a dream!  she was amazingly sleepy and squishy which made for an incredibly fun day. her sweet little cheeks and her perfect little pout…brand new babies are SUCH a joy to photograph. she was a total champ throughout our entire session and i could have spent the entire day taking […]

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